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Tutorial | Create Feed Burner with own Steemit Posts to Blogspot (Automatic Update)


I have never learned anything that is related to HTML and coding within my field of study. Thanks to Google, I am able to explore new useful codings that would help me to maintain my Blogspot and Steemit at the same time.
I’ve been blogging in since the year 2012. Now I prefer to blog in Steemit due to the community I have here, the currency that I could gain, the support and the friendship I can have (online and real-life), and the best part is Markdown Styling Guide is awesome because it’s easy to use. I had been struggling to fix my HTML style in Blogspot.

Create Feed with Steemit Posts (Automation)

I meant this. My Blogspot had been updating itself for my latest Steemit Post at the RED BOX there AUTOMATICALLY, which they call it as RSS FEED. It can only feature the Title of your Steemit Post, with a direct link to your latest post.

Create RSS Feed

First Step,

  1. Head to
  2. Input information

Enter Webpage URL :

Look for links inside HTML elements whose id or class attribute contains:articles__h2 entry-title

Only keep links if link URL contains: /@notimetospace


After Pressing Preview, You will see this screen. Remember to press The rex box below — RSS FEED

After Clicking RSS FEED, you’ll see this. COPY THIS URL LINK

Second Step

  1. Login to Feedburner Google (
  2. Paste RSS FEED Link
  3. Create Feed Burner Link

Login to Feedburner Google

Usually, Blogspot is connected to Google account. Just take note to login to your e-mail account which connects to your Blogspot. Then you’ll be on this page. Paste your RSS FEED Link into the box below to create a Feed for your blog. Press Next. Your Feed Burner link should be in this format: (This is mine)

Third Step

  1. Add Gadget to Blogspot
  2. Paste Feed Burner Link

Head to Layout and Add Gadget to your blog. You’ll see a pop-up for the list of gadgets. Remember to choose FEED and paste your Feed Burner Link here! After everything is saved, you’ll get your RSS Feed updated automatically. It may not be instant, but it’ll still update within 1 hour! Your Feed Burner link should be in this format: (This is mine)

End Note

The Feed Updates are not instant but will be updated within 2 hours. I am still figuring out is there any ways to update my Blogspot itself when I post a new post in Steemit. Currently, there is no answer for full posts, but only able to share the Title of the Steemit Posts. automatically as a Blogspot Post. Do not ask me about WordPress and other blogs because I am not familiar with other platforms. Thank you for Reading, hope this post can assist for those who use Blogspot or as a base guideline for further studies and suit it to wordpress or etc.


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