Angkor Pass, Baksei Chamkrong Temple & Pub Street, Day 1
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Travel | Siem Reap – Angkor Pass, Baksei Chamkrong Temple & Pub Street, Day 1

City girl had made her move to visit temples and drink cheap beer! For your information, Siem Reap is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Center. Which means this place is super rare and a must visit destination in your bucket list. I crossed out mine and now I will try my best to persuade you to consider this as your next destination. 

Day 1

  • Check in Angkor Elysium Suite 
  • Get Angkor Pass, Angkor Pass Center
  • Baksei Chamkrong Temple
  • Pub Street Dinner & Miss Wong Cocktail
Siem Reap Airport

Reaching Siem Reap – Afternoon

I bought my flight from AirAsia Go (Return Flight & 4D3N Hotel) for RM550 only. We landed on 2.15pm and made my way to my Hotel – Angkor Elysium Suite. Make sure to inform your arrival date so you can hop on to your free shuttle ride. However, Tuk-Tuk drivers usually require you to give a small tip, so you must prepare USD small notes before arrival. I gave 2USD for my ride.

Angkor Elysium Suite

Your city girl has arrived to her 4-star Suite in Siem Reap. My first impression was Siem Reap hotel concept made me felt like I am in Bali for some reason – Big Pool & Greens! Do you know your girl, had her own King Size Bed to sleep in Siem Reap & cost less than RM150 per night? The further the Hotel from the busy town, the cheaper & bigger the hotel room size is. Yes, Angkor Elysium is slightly far from the town, but the payoff was big room and good breakfast.  

Angkor Elysium Suite
Angkor Elysium Suite

Official Ticket center – Angkor Pass

Siem Reap is famous for their Heritage Sites, but you can only visit it with this Angkor Pass. All travelers must get their pass ready before visiting. Getting the pass requires you to be present in the ticketing pass, because they need to take photo and print it on your pass. Also, please wear according to their dress code – covering the knees and no singlets. Angkor Heritage Sites are also temples, so please wear decently. 

For me, I head out and made my way to the ticket counter about 5pm, so I could use my pass on the same day without deducting my 3-day pass. Which means, I get to visit extra half day for Sunset, and get to rush for early sunrise on the next day (without queuing early 5am next day). Price from Hotel to Ticket Center & Angkor Sites 15USD. 

Recommendation :- I wouldn’t recommend people to get excited for the sunset and get the ticket on the first day like me. Because spending USD15 for a short trip is not worth the price. Visiting the ticketing counter next day 6AM and continue your full day trip would cost the same 15USD ~ 20USD. 

Angkor Pass Official Ticketing Counter

Baksei Chamkrong Temple

After the Ticketing counter, I need to be in the temple area as fast as I could to visit before the sun sets. I chose Baskei Chamkrong Temple is because according to Google Map, you can actually climb up to the upper floor. People climb up for prayers but I climbed up due to curiosity. 

The stairs aren’t that perfect and it may be slippery for those who didn’t wore proper shoes. I myself had a hard time climbing up as well. Just make sure to climb the stairs that is on the left / right as it is easier. 

Baksei Chamkrong Temple
Baksei Chamkrong Temple

South Gate Bridge 

South Gate bridge is near to Baksei Chamkrong, hence by walking distance, I manage to check out all these cute statues lining up at the bridge. This is the location for the Elephant riding, but please no animal abuse. It’s really nice to be here for a photo. After this photo, I had to walk back to our first point to meet-up our Tuk-Tuk Driver. 

Recommendation:- I did not enter to visit Angkor Wat because according to Google Map, it is quote a distance and I would like to save it for my next day. Too much visiting on the same day as landing is just really exhausting.

South Gate Bridge Siem Reap
South Gate Bridge Siem Reap

Pub Street – Beer & Dinner

Pub Street is like our TREC in Malaysia, so just be open with lots of cheap beer and bars! I am so excited with my alcohol hunting for this entire trip. Prices are vary but surely it will be kept below 3USD! I Personally find the food in Siem Reap is acceptable for me, as they still serves white rice (Asian, duh) with meat and sauce. It’s nice, I did not complain anything about the food. After my meal I hail a Tuk-Tuk back to my hotel. It shouldn’t cost more than 5USD for this ride back to my hotel. Can’t wait for Day 2. 

Pub Street Siem Reap
Pub Street Siem Reap

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