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Food Hunt | Kahuna Poke, PJ Uptown SS21

I am not the healthiest girl you know because I am not picky about food! Well, I am very dependent on what my mother would prepare for me. Besides, Mothers are mothers, they would nag me for drinking too much bubble tea and having a soft heart to prepare a hearty meal. And now, my mum could save her breath (for a day) when I dine in Kahuna Poke because Kahuna Poke served me a healthy Poke Bowl!

Kahuna Poke Bowl

Kahuna” has its origin from the Hawaiian word “kahu” which is broadly used to refer to the caretaker, master or expert of one’s field.
At the core of Kahuna Poke is our desire to serve Hawaiian-inspired poke bowls that truly reflect the diverse culture of the Hawaiian Islands. Experience a whole new level of Hawaiian fun and freshness in a bite only at the Kahuna Poke. (Kahuna Facebook, 2018) Above explanation for Kahuna Poke was written at their About page. It seems interesting to have the Hawaiian-inspired concept in their Poke. So I am expecting to have Pineapples in my bowl!  

Poke Menu

The menu is easy to understand, and the price is listed as above, so you will roughly know what are your orders and to pick your sides wisely! Not to mention, kudos to Kahuna Poke to have some selections for their green meal too! According to my liking, I would definitely pick Raw Tuna, Pineapples, Cherry Tomatoes and Avocado! Trust me, getting the juicy sides would ease you to swallow your rice! It’s easier to get this big bowl done! 

Tuna, Nori Rice, Cherry Tomatoes, Avocado, Pineapples, Terikatsu, Chuka Wakame. 

I get to meet some of my friends in Kahuna Poke too!
Its been a long time that I’ve not meet @pinstory and @stevengoh since they’ve started heir focus in their full-time job.
As for me, I should start my blogging engine again!  

Feedback Time

I would say the food is really well served, the flavour may not be strong but hey it’s a healthy meal, so less salt! I actually wrote back in the feedback form that they should consider introducing a warm side! I think we Asian love to eat it hot, as they say, more appetising! 

41, Jalan SS 21/1A (12.29 km)
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia



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