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Event | Ha’labo – World First Smart Haircare Launch

Ha’Labo (recently Re-branded from 101 Hair Care) had hosted a launch event with a bold statement of “World First Smart Haircare”. Smart Haircare seems to be very new to all of us because it would make us wonder what does the “smart” means & how “smart” can it be? Let’s get curious.

We were invited to the ONYX Cinema Hall in Mid Valley to watch their launching video. Super simple video, specifying that they reforming their business by including more advanced technology! Which includes AI Technology & Mobile Application to connect with users/customers.


In this part of the speech, the business owner introduced the Ha’Labo Application that is available in your phone, Andriod and IOS friendly. In the menu, you can see you got to get your own first, which can be connected with Facebook. Zero Hassle. Besides, you can see rewards which you can accumulate points after your treatment and exchange your points with products, History of your appointment, service booking through simple clicks and all the basics that an app would need.

Please See:
If you were to book at Super Non-Peak Hours, you can get 40% extra treatment & 20% for Non-Peak Hours! That sounds like a deal!


I am very sure that the only person that would remember our scalp condition is probably the person who was engaged with you, but it still won’t going to happen because human memory is limited.

Now, Ha’Labo includes Past Records of your scalp condition so if someone new were to engage with your for the service, they would just refer to the records and with records, you can see the works of wonders. Probably this part they included Big Data. 

With such technology included in their service, I can foresee the speed of service and the accuracy of my current scalp condition! The employees would rejoice for this too.


No business can sustain without referrals! Whether is word of mouth, advertisement, Influencing market and Roadshows. I am very open with referrals. And yes you can refer and earn rewards if any of your referrals made a purchase of service or products!


We can’t possibly forget these invited guests to share their point of view with Ha’Labo. They’ve been a long-term customer with Ha’Labo and they mentioned a lot about how workload stress and hair styling products are causing them to pay more attention to their body and their scalp.


So much new Technology and Reformation, you would be very worried with the price. I will assure you it will never break your bank because:

The price range for a session is ranging from MYR99 to MYR199 even with all these AI Technology, Big Data & Mobile Application. They even guarantee us that the service level will be kept professional because you can make your satisfactory rating after each of your session. Your Rating counts as it’s tied up with the commision of the person who had been engaged with you.


These are the outlook of the products that Ha’Labo will be using or to be sold. These small bottles are the Starter Kit for customers!


In the consultation room, they would have these models to explain the structure of your scalp if you have questions with your results.

If you would notice, there is a QR Code in these rooms which would assist you and the person in charge to identify which room is occupied, time of the session, who is engaging with which customer & details of the customer.


Ha’Labo is the short form for “Hair Laboratory” as they do their own production of products with their own chemists and in their own laboratory! This would reflect that Ha’Labo would put attention to produce and make upgrades for their products. In short, means no old outdated ingredients.


I will be going to the session after Christmas to try their service out for once to see how innovation took place in a Hair Care Industry. I am indeed looking forward to get myself looking at my own scalp in zoomed it view to get a real laugh about it too!

Thank you Ha’Labo and @stevengoh for the invite, and @zord189 for joining me for this launch to keep me company!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Halabohair/
Website: http://halabohair.com
Mobile Application: HaLabo


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