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Travel | Kuching Sarawak, Day 1 (Kuching Waterfront)


At first, I thought Kuching is just a small town, until I’ve asked around and @zord189 told me that it is a tourist area and it is a City! Never will the West Malaysians will get it that East Malaysia aren’t only filled with trees (and they do not live on trees). If you’re interested in my Itinerary and any recommendations from me, do scroll down to the bottom for more information.

Chinese History Museum

We officially start our Journey at 4 pm noon. The first stop would be the Chinese History Museum. It is located just beside the Kuching Waterfront so this day will be just sightseeing in Kuching Waterfront area only.

This Museum will be closed at 5 pm evening. It is free to enter, so just have a look about the history of the Chinese that came from China to Kuching. There’s nothing special about a Museum, except the air conditioning, that is so wonderful in the hot weather.

Hornbill Fountain

Sarawak is named as the “Land of Hornbills”, so you should take a picture of this fountain! It’s just beside the History Museum anyways.

Kuching Waterfront

When you’re at Kuching Waterfront, you can just walk around and look at the Sarawak River. The river isn’t clean, but at least it doesn’t smell. That gold building is called the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building, or DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri). You can get a closer look after you crossed the river.

Traditional Boat Service

Image Credits to Daily Express

The olden days people would take a small boat to cross the river. Since we are super lazy to walk over to the opposite with our legs, we’ll just try something new. This boat service isn’t the river cruise, it’s like a taxi service.

We paid 1MYR per person just to get across to the other side, the DUN Building area. But since we still got time to kill, we decided to walk to the Orchard Garden.

Orchard Garden


No Entrance Ticket required, so feel free to walk around to wait the sun sets (so you can actually won’t feel the heatwave while walking on the Bridge soon) and just don’t litter and step onto any orchard. It’s nice for a family hangout, kids friendly too!

Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building

Get Close to this beautiful building, just get close because I don’t think we can enter the premise. Still, it’s good for a photo! I don’t look good in any of these photos. Bless me please.

Golden Anniversary Bridge

What a big bridge just to get across to the opposite. It’s like the best running track for Kuching people. I see people would bring their bicycle and running shoes to exercise and sweat it out. It’s a fun place to hangout for a bit of time.

Dinner @ Top Spot Food Court

Top Spot Food court is located at a massive rooftop food court. Since there are many shops to choose from, we chose this LING LOONG SEAFOOD as Google has a high rating for this stall. Great Value of food, it’s Halal (Islam Friendly), many selection, even Malays could try our Chinese dish! So awesome, Truly One Malaysia.

We get to our Asian Mode on by ordering Rice, Bamboo Clam, Paku Pakis & Lemon Chicken.


We booked our accommodation from AIRBNB because hostel may be small for us. Entire apartment for us is great, and we got our own transport so it’s ok to not stay near the Riverfront.

The Location we stayed: Floridale Condominium
My invite link for AIRBNB: https://www.airbnb.com/c/arinas17?currency=MYR

What to Prepare

Before I head to Kuching, I had to rent a Proton Saga BLM (Auto) for 4 days from CAR4RENT. 

The total price for 4 days rent was MYR360 with easy pickup at the Kuching International Airport. I believe that the trip would be easier and more flexible with our own transport. Besides, the tourist places that I would want to go aren’t that easy to reach with public transport. So splurge on renting a car!

Since we are Malaysians, we don’t even need to bother about the SIM Card. we can still use our phones like normal. But for foreigners who wish to visit Sarawak, fret not, there are booths available for you to purchase your sim card. Get a SIM Card because you’ll need to be dependent with Google Map.

Kuching Itinerary

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Orang Utan
Sarawak Cultural Park
Chinese History
Muara Tebas
Blue LakeDamai Beach
Sarawak Orchid
Qing Shua
Wind Cave 
Fairy Cave 
Top Spot
Night Market


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