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Day 2 will be more exciting that the first because we are so pumped up to visit the best part of Sarawak – Nature. For outdoor activities, I’ll be covering the north side of Kuching. This includes Bako National Park, Muara Tebas Seafood (15 Minutes driving distance from Bako) & Qing Shua Temple. Then we will cover a Malaysia-China Friendship Park & One of the highest Rating Restaurant in Kuching – Lepau Restaurant. 


Bako National Park is quite a distance from Kuching City, I would actually recommend to rent a car and drive all the way to the Bako National Park Terminal for convenience and less hassle. I rent a Proton Saga BLM (Auto) for 4 days from CAR4RENT.  It’s not an issue with parking in Bako National Park Terminal area. We drove for 30 minutes from Kuching City to reach the Terminal. 


Bako National Park

Bako National Park is different from other parks. You have to rent a speedboat to the park. Google Map may show the road to enter the park but it’s not practical to drive into the forest, the only way to enter Bako National Park is by Speed Boat. We (a group of 4) rented a private boat for MYR 150, which means about MYR 38 per person. We can’t really wait for more people to join our boat because it was monsoon season (November ~ Feb), which means rough seas! Maximum of 5 passengers was the limit for a boat. It took us 20 minutes to reach our destination.

I insisted to visit Bako National Park is because I love hiking to get a good view. I knew Bako National Park does have good view of the sea when we manage to hike up on top. The National Park Guide recommended us to hike Route 3 and Route 6. Since we rented a speed boat, the speed boat would eventually wait us at the end of Route 3 in order to fetch us to Route 6! If you made a mistake to hike route 6 first, maybe you would have a hard time to get a boat to fetch you to route 3. We paid extra for this mistake. We could not make any phone call to get our speed boat driver to pick us up from route 6. Hence, paid extra to get a speed boat. So, remember, route 3 & 6. The whole hike took us about 3 hours, I would recommend to spend about 4 hours in Bako National Park. 


Muara Tebas Seafood

After an intense hike, I would love to get a hearty Seafood in Muara Tebas. Muara Tebas is famous for Good Seafood with a cheap price. We ordered the Famous Seafood Oyster Omelette (MYR 25) & White Clam Soup (MYR 30). The omelette was a surprise because it has the bowl shape with pepper sauce, it’s really something new for us as West Malaysians. As for the clams, the size of the shell is considered big! We were very satisfied with our Lunch.

The worse part for Muara Tebas is the terrible locals simply charging people for a parking fee. Our experience was really terrible because the locals would actually charge us for MYR10 for a parking? It’s ridiculous to pay that amount of money. We had to change spots and somehow another person insisted to collect MYR 5 from us. We only paid MYR 3 and said that is our maximum. We insisted to get a receipt of payment if he were to charge us MYR 5 but he kinda freak out, so we gave him MYR 3 just to get away from this terrible incident. I would be grateful if I was educated on how to make a report regarding about this issue to the respective authorities. 


Less than a minute of walking distance from Muara Tebas Seafood, you can now enjoy a great view of the sea from the Jade Temple. I didn’t go there to do any prayers, I go there just for the view. It is said that this temple was built 200 years ago! The temple is built on top of a hillock which it offers a great view of the South China Sea! For me I find this place to be clean and well maintained. The building was in vibrant red and no sign of peeling paint on the wall. It’s like a must place to visit once if you’re at Muara Tebas. Well, the bad part to visit Muara Tebas is the Locals simply charging us for a parking spot.  


Malaysia China Friendship Park

We decided to pay a visit here in the evening after we took our nap before we head for dinner. I find Malaysian-China Friendship Park is very special as it has the sentimental value between Malaysia & China. Perhaps the West Malaysia should have these similar concepts of parks too. Anyways, this park has a Chinese Pavilion, a reservoir, jogging tracks and a huge statue of Zheng He (Admiral Cheng Ho). The residential area is just around the park so probably it’s really a cool place for them to jog around.


Lepau Restaurant is one of the top rating restaurant in Google! According to their Facebook page, it has a rating of 4.6 over 5! This rating had got us with high expectations for the service and servings!

Lepau Restaurant serves Traditional Sarawak food, which is said to be Dayak cuisine. Also it is Certified Halal. We ordered “Ayam Pansuh (Bamboo Chicken)”, Few set of Rice wrapped in Bamboo leaves & Fried Meal-worms. Whereas for dessert we tried Fermented rice ice-cream!

We tried fried meal-worms that taste like chips. Dipping the chili sauce makes it easier to be eaten. It was bearable, but if you start imagine gross stuff while eating, you probably can’t deal with swallowing. So just keep calm, dip more sauce and chew it up. The dessert at the other hand, taste sour with is cause by the Fermented Rice Topping on the Vanilla Ice-Cream.


I’ve rent an AIRBNB in Floridale Condominium. Feel free to click into my Invite link here to get credit that will automatically apply toward your first reservation. I also rented a Proton Saga BLM (Auto) for 4 days from CAR4RENT. As for SIM Card & WIFI, I do not need to purchase any of it because I am a Malaysian and I got a Malaysian Number already. 

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