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3 Reasons to get a Custom Domain for Your Blog.

When people first started to blog, they would just consider getting a free blogging platform such as Blogspot & Steemit. I love using free platforms too, due to convenience. But when you want to see your blogging passion to grow into a new level, a personal domain for your blog actually make sense.

For my experience, I was a loyal user of Blogspot. Next, I shifted to Steemit due to my friend’s introduction to met new people. After that, I registered WordPress through Vornix sub-domain to explore WordPress. And lastly, now I have my own personal domain by using WPWEBHOST and I felt so blessed to see my blog has it’s own personal domain!

So, let’s move on and talk about Why should you, as a blogger, need a custom domain for your blog! All information below are based on my personal experience & some information searching from Google.

P.S. Buying a Domain is the Cheapest Investment! 

I can claim that its the cheapest investment for you to get yourself a blog because with the WPBLOGGER package, the price is only (62USD) about MYR240 a Year can make a difference to your blogging experience! Just head to WPWEBHOST to Register and get free Migration Service if you are existing user of any blogging platform! 

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Information & SEO Reliability

Imagine, would you rely on information that you got from a website with a sub-domain? As a normal Google user, I would usually click onto a website with a proper domain to get the information I need. Knowing that the blog has a focus niche and may be written by people who has the knowledge to share, those websites are able to give me good information that I am searching for.

For clients that are interested to search for platforms to do promotion and advertising, they would search for a “good” website to feature their product & services. What is a “good website”? A website that has it’s focused niche & a website with it’s own domain. At least clients know that bloggers that have their own domain are really certain with what they do & would provide results that are in par with their expectations.

The ugly truth in the blogging community, People would tend to perceive bloggers with a sub-domain as “someone who writes for fun”, or maybe worse, the “cheap-budget-blogger”. Probably clients with a tight budget would love to search for these cheap-budget bloggers, but do you really want to be labelled like that?

With a domain “.com”, you will be taken seriously. Not just clients, Google too. A “.com” website would be ranked better in Google compared to those having a sub-domain websites. Evolving one blogging passion into a profession is like Every blogger’s dream! We would love our work to be exposed in such a way that people would accept it as a profession.

Quit the Confusion! Get an Easy-to-Remember Link!

I once used to be very lost with my blogging journey. Hence, I’ve been jumping around with blogging platforms. It’s funny to share that I have 3 blog links, and I have to make a stop! No more 3 long links, I now hereby stand firm and decided to fully focus to create contents in

My blog links used to be these:-

After being noticed by WPWEBHOST, they suggested me for For your information, I still love Steemit & would love to share content in Steemit. With STEEMPRESS Plugins, I am able to update all my new post to my Steemit Account automatically! With my new domain & the awesome steempress plugin, I am able to juggle eveything together in the same time!

For Awesome WordPress Plugins!

I started using WordPress when I registered one from Vornix for Steemit! It was really hard at first compared with all these free platforms. Slowly with the help from Google and Youtube, I finally see the beauty of WordPress! It’s so much more than just a blogging platform. WordPress a super tool to get your blog to stand out!

WordPress is awesome because of Plugins! I’ve learned that WordPress has plugins to boost your SEO rankings, plugins that can compress your image files so it speeds up your loading time, plugins that creates automation to post in other platforms & plugins that can add cool features to make the blog interface looks better!

These are the Plugins that I currently use for my Blog

1. Posts in Page (For About me Page & to Categorize)
Easily add one or more posts to any page using simple shortcodes. Supports categories, tags, custom post types, custom taxonomies, and more.

2. Elementor & Essential Addons for Elementor (For About me Page & Blog Post interface)
The most advanced front-end drag & drop page builder. Create high-end, pixel perfect websites at record speeds. Any theme, any page, any design.

3. Smush (Reducing Post Image Size & Speeds up Loading time)
Reduce image file sizes, improve performance and boost your SEO using the free free WPMU DEV WordPress Smush API.

4. Steempress (For Automation updates in Steemit)
Publishes your article to the steem blockchain automatically to allow you to earn money and reach new audiences.

5. Yoast SEO (For SEO Ranking purposes)
The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more.

6. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (To Track Traffic)
Displays Google Analytics Reports and Real-Time Statistics in your Dashboard. Automatically inserts the tracking code in every page of your website.

End Note

I sincerely would Thank WPWEBHOST for sponsoring this post!
WPWEBHOST is a Malaysian company based in Penang. They manage WordPress Hosting platform that let users to build, secure and run business website, blogs and e-commerce shop. With easy registrations & plan selection, You can now start your website as easy as how Thanos Snap his fingers!

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