How much should a blogger invest?
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How Much Does It Cost to Start a Blog?

Ever wonder how much did bloggers & content creators would invest into their blogging journey? Ever label them as “rich” because they seems to have everything from the perfect photo to the perfect life?

I myself believe that, Malaysian bloggers all started small, or perhaps, they all once only use things that already had in hand to start their blogging journey. I was there too! We all started from nothing into something. Second, I believe in Investment. Without proper funding, you are very limited in a lot of aspects.

Let’s dive in to all the investments that I had or would spend in the future! I will also include Substitutes in-case you are considering other alternatives.

Website & Domain – 50% Promo Code below

Owning your own domain is the most beautiful thing you would experience if you had been using free platforms in the past years! Having a domain makes your blogging turn into a profession within seconds. Clients would love professionals to blog about their services & products! Having a domain will eventually make yourself shine as a professional instead of “just-a-blogger”.

Currently, I am engaging with WPWEBHOST for their WordPress Hosting & a Domain for my blog! Great news, WPWEBHOST is currently running two big promotion in April! Less than MYR 300 & you can already get your own website hosted in WordPress. 

For Malaysians that are interested to get a Blog, WPWEBHOST is actually a good choice because this company is actually from Malaysia, Penang! So if you have any issues, you don’t even need to struggle as much as others that engaged with international hosts.

Coupon Code: APRILDEAL50

50% OFF for 1 year plan, applicable for WP BLOGGER & WP LITE! This is the plan that I am currently using and I wish you too can get a cheaper deal for your blog!

For a yearly plan (WP BLOGGER) which I am currently using right now, I only paid 62USD in total [60 USD for Domain & Hosting Service + 2USD for privacy protection]! If I were to proceed with the Coupon code, I am only paying RM200 (or maybe less) for 365 Calendar days of my blog! Ends on April 30th 2019.

Coupon Code: FIRST-20

20% OFF on all yearly hosting plan, which is applicable for ALL Hosting Services Plans! This code is only recommended WP Plus & WP Geek! Probably this is a good deal for those with bigger plans. Ends on April 30th 2019.

Gadgets & Equipment: Photo & Video Purpose

In the social media world right now, everything must be in perfect! Clear photo, high resolution, no Motion Blur and perfect colour grading for aesthetic purposes! The list below are my current invested items and my future plans to build myself and this blog! 

How much should a blogger invest?

Canon M50: Best Vlogging Camera 2018

It’s lightweight, small in size, flip-screen to the side & able to attach microphone and flash on top of the camera! It sounds so convincing already! I love editing videos and looking at high resolution photos! (RM2

How much should a blogger invest?

Honor View 20: Cheap in price, good in performance

If you are an Android Fan! I would love to introduce This Honor View 20 Phone because it has the same Basic Specs as the Huawei Mate 20, but cheaper! And the design looks super pretty, I am in love with the Black unit! This is my second plan for my next investment: For better Instagram Stories.

How much should a blogger invest?

DJI OSMO MOBILE 2: Stabilizer for Video recording!

I am currently very dependant with my phone for all blogging purpose. I use my Huawei Nova Plus phone to do everything I can to produce my blog posts! Hence, I made this choice to purchase one for myself in order to bring ease to my work! 
How much should a blogger invest?

Desktop: Good for Gaming & Video Rendering

I recently got this super desktop for myself because You never knew how much tough times I’ve been through to just render a short 3 minutes video! It’s really great to know that now I can do lot more heavy-loaded work to my PC and I won’t need to struggle anymore! Great investment brings you further! 

End Note

What do you think of investing in your hobby? Blogging is fun but there’s lot more than just writing posts. It includes production, marketing, branding and constant ideas running in your head! Feel free to share this promotion code out and hope everyone get a brief idea on the investment for a simple blogger! 


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