Role & Responsibility of a Blogger
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Role & Responsibility of a Blogger

We all say Bloggers are like freelancers or a hobbyist on the internet. Still, there are chances for bloggers to engage with clients for their work, their content creation services, publicity. We all do get excited about a successful engagement with one client, but sometimes we accidentally forgot our role and may over-do your responsibility just to keep that one expects.

Let’s dive into where to start and what is the responsibility of a Blogger when they start pitching themselves to clients.

Who to Engage with?

Brand’s Public Relation Team or the Marketing team would be responsible to search for people who are able to create awareness of their products to the public. Which means, do headhunt the brand’s marketing team to pitch yourself.

For my case, I rarely send out messages to brands that I wish to work. I usually search for Facebook Groups to search for clients. Usually, clients would post in Groups mentioning their requirement and if you think you’re up for it, you send message accordingly. Be proactive with your search on Facebook (Only applicable in Malaysia).

Create Brand Awareness.

Small clients sometimes are unable to differentiate the difference between Sales & Marketing. It is a common practice to put both departments and roles together because both departments have to work together to generate profit. I do fear Clients requires me to generate sales.

First thing when you get a call from your client, please discuss with clients what you can do for them, and make sure they understand your vision for your upcoming post. Second, ask for Media Release Materials. Get clients to send you materials & Links for your references. Understand that some bloggers would actually copy paste everything they receive. Hence, the third rule, be responsible, so you won’t get black-listed.

But, if clients mentioned that You are responsible to generate sales, please kindly inform that You are only a blogger to Create awareness on the Internet, or in Google. You are only responsible to create informative reading materials to potential customers. You are a guide to customers. Like every working adult would say, you do what you’ve been paid for. Blogging isn’t easy, you don’t need to do extra sales-representative work.

No to Plagiarism work.

Blogging is basically like your Assignments, you can refer to anything and do not copy word by word. If you want to stand out as a good person to work with, you do like how it should be done. Create genuine contents, put real opinion, state how it makes improvements to your life. Put “Credits to” if you really need to take the picture from other sources.

I know bloggers would do the copy-paste work when they received any reading materials from clients. I know, even with that, they are still on the front-line just because their blog has that good past records of views. It sucks to compete with such bloggers but you should also do what is right.

Yes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You are responsible to create awareness, which means create blog posts that are easily searched by any Google users. Sometimes it would be more important than your contents. If you don’t even know how to position your blog in the internet, you are losing a lot of potentials to create awareness. There’s so much to learn about SEO, even me myself having a hard time about it. But one thing for sure is to equip yourself with Plugins!

Ref: Reason to get a Custom Domain
WordPress & Chrome Plugins are wonderful to have! I’ve been using Plugins to grow my blog! P.s. This is one of the reasons I quit Blogger and chose WordPress! These are the plugins that I use to learn SEO.

YEOST (WORDPRESS): Able to check your Blog title length & meta-description to grab attention.

KEYWORD EVERYWHERE (CHROME): Able to see what are people searching for, useful to get an idea for your next blog post or includes words in your post to increase relevance.


Would Sincerely thank WPWEBHOST for hosting this site! Now I’ve owned my own domain to build my blogging passion, I am so much more ready to pitch myself to clients that I am taking my blogging work seriously. If you’re interested to get a website as a Blogger, do get the WPBLOGGER package to start! 240MYR in a year is considered the cheapest investment for your blogging journey!

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