Taipei Itinerary day 2: Art Park - Taipei 101 - Young Designers' Exhibition - Tonghua Night Market - Moon Bus
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Travel | Taipei: Art Park – Taipei 101 – Young Designers’ Exhibition – Tonghua Night Market – Moon Bus

Today’s Itinerary

  • Art Park
  • Taipei 101
  • 2017 Young Designers’ Exhibition
  • Tonghua Night Market
  • Moon Bus


Had my first meal in 7-11. Should eat somewhere else like those breakfast shops (早餐店) for something better. What surprises me the most is that they will (must) greet you when they see you. Ignore them and they will still announce all their offers/promotions loudly. 

Second meal. I came across to this porridge stall located just beside Zhong Shan MRT Exit 1. I told her that I have no idea which one to choose, so she introduced me the mixed porridge (综合粥), 40yuan per bowl. A nice warm bowl of porridge does its job well to keep me warm.

Art Park (Da Tong District)

Da Tong District

Street photos, literally  I like this crossover bridge so much. 

Taipei Main Station & Taipei 101

5 minutes distance from my hostel to the Main Station. I am still not used to underground MRT stations. I’m screaming inside needing to see the sunlight and the sky while finding the entrance.

Taipei Main Station > Taipei City Hall Station

Walking distance from Taipei City hall Station to Taipei 101 is quite far. How do you walk yourself there? Look up, look at the 101 building, walk towards to that direction  

Oh this is something nice for my friend, there’s a Jordan Store. *Takes photo and share it to someone*

2017 Young Designers’ Exhibition 新一代设计展

After taking photos with the iconic building and spending money in GU store. I saw this big green banner and it stated today was the last day of event (22th May). Curiosity takes place, it led me in and paid 150yuan as entrance fee. Payment by cash or EasyCard is acceptable. 

2 halls were used to display ALL student’s final project from each participating college & universities. They mentioned that this is the first exhibition that all students can set their booth here to share their work. They even highlighted that everyone should be treated equally and deserves opportunity to share what they have to offer. Therefore this exhibition is really really meaningful to them. 

So many freebies that you can keep for yourself. Postcards and stickers are free of charge if you like their Facebook page or check-in to their college/university. Of course, they also do sell their nicer artwork too. After putting so much effort collecting tons of freebies, you definitely don’t feel like throwing any of them in the bin, so just make good use of it, send it to people as a souvenir. Saves cost too  10yuan per stamp. 

Tong Hua Night Market (Linjiang Street)

After the exhibition, I decided to have my late lunch (dinner) at 5pm. I have no idea which night market is the nearest from Taipei 101. “Ask and you shall receive”, so I just went to ask locals and get myself an answer. 

GOOD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU HAVE COURAGE. She mentioned that she will be having dinner with her family members in the night market, so I requested that could I join her so I can see what do local people prefer for the food there. And she said YES.  Its like a dream come true, I’m spending my day with a local and yes I get to eat what she and her family recommends.  

1. Fried Chicken

Her mum mentioned that we travelers should love this because it is juicy. I ordered the spicy one and it’s just the powder that makes it spicy (more like it is sweet to me). Can’t deny the portion is sure big but it’s still small for a True Malaysian who love Fried Chicken *oh please* 

2. Red Bean Cake

I bought this because I was so hungry while waiting for her family to come over. This is my lunch. I don’t really like it as it tastes very commercial. Eat when it is served hot because the cake will be hard if it is cold and it won’t be tasty as before. 

3. Shaved Ice (挫冰)

This should be my dessert but they’re treating as their main course. I get to choose 4 items of my choice to be served with my shaved ice. Her mum told me that shaved ice business is reducing because the profit is low. They have to wake up early to cook the beans and jelly for hours but they couldn’t sell at a high price. 

4. Steam Pau (生煎包)

Oh My This is my favorite food ever in Taipei! Favorite! It taste so good and I should buy more and keep inside my bag! Meat inside is really juicy and its pork. Smells good and the taste is even better.

5. Red Tea (红茶)

700cc of Red Tea for 20yuan is cheap for me. How can I drink finish this big cup of tea… It is not sweet. I have no idea how to describe this taste. But it is still a must buy drink for them. They bought it before they leave. 

Night Walk 

Done with my itinerary and my dinner. Stroll around the residential area nearby Taipei 101 building and enjoy the night weather. Moon Bus is just one road away from Taipei 101 Building. 

End of Day 2

I accidentally spent too much time in the bank, in the exhibition and strolling after dinner. But it’s fine, my main focus for this trip is on the third day. I am very thankful for her whole family as they are willing to bring me along for food and join them for dinner. I do wish that they could come to Malaysia and try getting their tummy filled with food and enjoy getting bloated for once because their food portion is so tiny


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