Waka Malaysia Setapak PV128
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Waka Malaysia | Set your Boba Cravings in Setapak PV128

I have to admit, I had been feeding my cravings with tons of Milk Tea due to the crazy advertisement spreading around the internet. Sometimes, the world just knew you started working and they just create even more good drinks, just to get a taste of your hard-work money.

For this round, with my hard work, spreading my love for Milk Tea on my social media, I finally got noticed & given the chance to taste the new Boba Store drinks and rate them accordingly in Setapak PV128!

Waka Malaysia | Set your Boba Cravings in Setapak PV128

Brief Introduction

WAKA Malaysia just had its grand opening recently in the month of July 2019. Taking about their beverages, they had so many selections from Milk Tea to Fruit Series, Coffee, and even Cheesy Drinks! Cheese Layered Drinks is the coolest drink I‘ve tasted when I was younger. It feels great to taste them again.

Besides, the theme colour for Waka is Pink & white, touching up with marble prints! It’s a lovely place to take some good photos here! All photos taken had been touched up with Adore Lightroom – Increase Pink Highlights to make the mood even lovely.

Waka Malaysia | Set your Boba Cravings in Setapak PV128

Lychee Berry Tea

Waka Malaysia | Set your Boba Cravings in Setapak PV128

I love this one because it has a taller cup compared to Passion Yoghurt. The counter recommended me this drink as she loves the berry taste. I agree with her choice. It’s Strawberry & Lychee! Mixing with 2 different flavours sometimes may be challenging for tea-maker but if this was added with soda water it would taste awesome as well! Rating this 5 star already!

Passion Yoghurt

Passion Yoghurt was okay since it’s a water-based fruit drink. This yoghurt drink has these Chewy Cubes to make it like you’re chewing a snack while drinking your passionfruit drink. Well, the serving was the smaller cup, it’s about the same size as The Alley drinks. I might not add this into my craving list, because I ordered this to perceive myself boosted with Vitamin C. Probably rating this as my last choice for my today’s menu.

Waka Cheese Milk Tea (Black Tea)

The Legendary Salted Cheese Tea. I use to drink something similar to this when I was younger. According to my Low-Level Caffeine Tolerance experience, black tea usually would give me slight discomfort. Personally, I find the caffeine in this Black Tea was high and the Cheese couldn’t really help with the caffeine. Well, I am lucky that I shared it with someone, or next time, I should order Green Tea! So, if you’re craving for a non-coffee caffeine fix (for fun sake), why not Cheese Layered Black Tea?

Black Waka Cheesy Fresh Milk

This is the real MVP for the entire menu, the Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Salted Cheese Layer! I find this is the best of the best drinks I ever had in my whole Milk Tea / Boba Journey! This is because Waka seems to play around wisely by adding this awesome salted cheese layer to make this whole drink to become a whole new level of Signature. I would crown this cup as My Number ONE best drink out of all my purchases in my whole life.

Ending Message

I am truly amazed to have this chance to taste anything I want from Waka Malaysia to share what’s good here! Besides, heard that the opening hours will be up to 1 a.m. So I am expecting this is like the best sugary supper for those who live nearby.


Facebook: WAKA Malaysia
Instagram: Waka_Malaysia
Address: G-23, Jalan Genting Kelang, Taman Danau Kota, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.


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