Butterfly Coachella Party 2019
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Event | Butterfly Coachella Party 2019

Let’s talk about how fun gatherings are! Butterfly Coachella is hosted by the Butterfly Project with two major missions- to meet new people and have fun! Of course, meeting new sponsors that love us for creating real content! I am glad that I gained access to attend Butterfly Coachella as a blogger.

Party Venue | Hearty Party Sdn Bhd

Hearty Party - Butterfly Coachella Party 2019
Hearty Party Instagram | Hearty Party Facebook Page

The venue was hosted in Hearty Party Malaysia in Setia Alam! Hearty Party Malaysia usually hosts hobby classes, especially art classes to everyone as long you want to learn a new skill! But for today, Coachella actually got the whole place just to accommodate all butterflies! 3 floors for us to run around, isn’t that great?

If you’re interested to host an acrylic paint party or want to enquire more 1-day art classes, you can contact Hearty Party Malaysia for more details!

Party Photobooth | Tagbooth Photobooth

Tag Booth Photobooth- Butterfly Coachella Party 2019
Tag Booth Photobooth Instagram | Tag Booth Photobooth Facebook Page

Lets’s start with the Ground Floor of the Party! No party can start without taking some good shots! TAGBOOTH actually prepared a photo booth and props for all butterflies to take photos together – with printed hardcopy! Butterfly Coachella you sure know how to keep us entertained and feel beautiful!

Carnival Booths | Althea Korea

Althea Korea - Butterfly Coachella Party 2019
Althea Korea Instagram | Althea Korea Facebook Page

Heading up to the first floor aka the Pop-Up Carnival Booths floor! Everyone is super busy taking good photos with the booths set up by all the sponsors, including Althea Korea too! For this round, they had featured their cutest facial sheet masks with real fruits – yum!

Also, just so you know, I was invited to feature in A’Blooms Brow Wow Pencil Promo-Video! I am a Brow Wow Girl and Wow me, the latest collection was displayed here too! For A’Bloom Products, I personally believe that it’s more of a friendly price to students! If you’re keen to try Althea Brand Products, please check out with this PROMO CODE for 15% discount! Althea is so generous it makes me want to bulk purchase sheet masks already!

Carnival Booths | Signature Market Healthy Snacks

Signature Market - Butterfly Coachella Party 2019
Signature Market Instagram | Signature Market Facebook Page

In the Pop-Up Carnival Booths, Signature Market got themselves the whole wall for all of their healthy snacks! If you want to live beautifully, you got to eat beautiful too! I mean a beautiful diet, a perfect balance of crunch and fiber. For now, I want to try Dried Fruits that I can munch in the office!

To be honest, I actually knew this brand earlier because they had been promoting the first purchase deal! They would free you various gifts from Eco-Friendly Straw, Chocolate Powder Drink and so much more!

Carnival Booths| Avantgarde Blooms Flowers

Avant Garde Bloom - Butterfly Coachella Party 2019
Avant Garde Bloom Instagram | Avant Garde Bloom Facebook Page

Butterflies are attracted to flowers. And so are we, the blogging butterflies, are also attracted to all these beautiful roses! This corner of fresh flowers had us so happy when Avant-Garde Bloom is so generous to give all of us one stalk of Rose each! I took the orange-yellow coloured rose because it’s one of the trendiest colour and the rose caught my eye! Is this how the Butterfly Project community reminds us that we are the blogging-butterflies?

Carnival Booths | Voir Gallery

Vior Gallery - Butterfly Coachella Party 2019JomParty - Butterfly Coachella Party 2019
Vior Gallery BAE Instagram | Vior Gallery BAE Facebook Page

We are so surprised that Vior Gallery is also one of the Booth for today! We are so exposed to this brand a long time ago and here they are, bringing their latest collection / Brand “B.A.E” to introduce us to their latest fun and trendy look for us young butterflies! For this event, VIOR gallery brought so many varieties of cute bags for us to get a good look at the BAE designs! We even get to choose one bag for ourselves!

After stalking their BAE Instagram Profile, it’s super cute for a summer outfit! Whereas for bags, they had this Leopard print handbag that got us SHOOK! Also, they had us joining the best-dressed award while posing with our received handbags.

Carnival Booths | Curmudgeon’s Brew Cold Brew Coffee

Curmudgeon's Brew Cold Brew Coffee - Butterfly Coachella Party 2019
Curmudgeon’s Brew Instagram | Curmudgeon’s Brew Facebook Page

Trust me, all butterflies here are night owls. We need caffeine because we usually burn the midnight oil to create genuine content in our social media! We receive 2 bottles of coffee each (Peanut Butter Chocolate Coffee) to taste the goodness that Curmudgeon’s Brew serves! Besides, I love the idea to have Glass packaging even knowing that they will be accommodating 60 people in this Butterfly Coachella Event! Dedication to practice eco-friendly business is a sign of a healthy business!

Party Caterer | JomParty

JomParty - Butterfly Coachella Party 2019
JomParty Instagram | JomParty Facebook Page

After getting hyped up on the first floor, we are all energy drained! I’m heading up to feed myself a fancy dinner! JomParty is back again to serve us butterflies again! Look at the buns, the tarts and the flowers around them! Fruits were served too including Watermelon, Strawberries, Oranges and all the sweet ones that you can think of!

I had been introduced to this catering for the last Butterfly Birthday Party! They were amazing to serve us while ensuring the set-up was beautiful too! I would sincerely introduce to vegetarians who would wish to have a beautiful catering set-up! This is because JomParty caters vegetarian food and trust me it’s delicious! The one dish that caught my heart was the delicious Young Mango Curry. I had 3 rounds of dinner because of this!

Fruit Tea | Lérz’ Tea & Coffee Fruit Tea

Lerz Malaysia Butterfly Coachella Party 2019
Lerz Malaysia Instagram | Lerz Malaysia Facebook Page

Not just food, now I need drinks to quench my thirst! Lerz-Malaysia is up for good, serving us with Fruit tea! I tried both of the drinks served – Fruity Mango Tea & Passionfruit Tea. Lerz-Malaysia guaranteed to ensure every cups are handcrafted on the spot to ensure it tastes freshly brewed.

Lerz-Malaysia has its own physical store that serves cheese Layered Tea, With Boba and so much more variety in Starling Mall! Since Lerz-Malaysia is able to accommodate for this Butterfly Community Project’s Event, I believe that they are really committed to serve us all!

Party Live Music | Sidh Haizad Yusoff

Butterfly Coachella Party 2019
Sidh Haizad Yusoff Instagram | Sidh Haizad Yusoff Facebook Page

The title already informed us it will be a Coachella party! How could we miss out on some groove music! I proudly present you tonight Sidh Haizad Yusoff! Sidh gets his purple-winged limelight for today! I even made him as today’s Blog cover too! According to the Butterfly Community project, Sidh would perform in LRT – KLCC station in the busking area. This reminds me that Luck is one thing that would only come by if you keep doing what you do!

He must be proud of his performance today. He was performing while the rain falls heavily, it was super calm, chill and just pure relaxing to have him for Butterfly Coachella Event!

Painting Party | Hearty Party Sdn Bhd

Hearty Party Painting Party- Butterfly Coachella Party 2019
Hearty Party Instagram | Hearty Party Facebook Page

The Night Party for today’s session has no disco lights, but the light that shines out from our mind to our canvas. Hearty Party hosts painting hobby classes weekly and we are so glad to join for today’s painting Party! For this party, we are here to learn the basic and least time-consuming artwork – Fruits!

We had Oranges, Kiwi, Pineapple and Watermelon! I chose Orange because it was the easiest! We may be good in cosmetics application but it doesn’t mean we are good at art! Overall the session was pretty simple, easy to follow and all the aprons canvas and acrylic paints are well prepared!


I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to attend such a fulfilling-event! It’s really about being exposed to many content creators out there! It’s best to meet physically than purely engaging online! Shout-out to Keera and Pinkusakura and the Butterfly Team that gave me company when I was alone (I attend myself and I stepped out from my comfort zone!)

Butterfly Coachella Party 2019


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