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Review | ID.AZ Facial Sheet Mask Review (Gold-Fit Mask, Bright-Fit Mask & Water-Fit Mask)

Korean Beauty is like a part of our skincare routine because of simplicity, affordability and the results are guaranteed! For this round, I am delighted to share ID.AZ Brand Facial Sheet Masks – Water-Fit Mask, Bright-Fit Mask & Gold-Fit Mask!

History ID.AZ

I read about ID.AZ and here’s why they name themselves ID.AZ! In Korea, “ID” is a Global Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center. Yes, it got me shocked as well because of their major in Plastic Surgery that includes Anti-Aging Lifting, Eye Nose Surgery Center and Breast Surgery too! Whereas for “AZ, it means covers everything from A to Z. It reminds me a lot about the Amazon Online Platform.

From the start, I actually don’t feel comfortable with what they do. But think again, if they are professionals and know what is best for us beauty queens, and it is actually sold in WATSON MALAYSIA at a cheap price, we should actually try once to see what ID.AZ could offer! Also, we are here with an open heart to accept all kinds of beauty standards, so let’s head to see their fair priced facial sheet masks!

Gold-Fit Mask, Bright-Fit Mask & Water-Fit Mask

ID.AZ Facial Sheet Mask Review

ID.AZ is playing a bold game by making each of the sheet masks different. We now have the normal thin cotton sheet mask (textured), Microfibre sheet which is Thicker than cotton and the Hydrogel Mask. Photos are taken after I dried it to get a better difference for all three masks.

ID.AZ had been so generous to actually fill each of the masks with lots of essences! Every time I would take these sheets out, it’s drippin’. It had me squeezing out the excess essence to apply it onto my limbs, whereas when application, the essence actually drip down to my neck and to my eye. Juicy Masks are good masks! ID.AZ provides good masks!

Water-Fit Mask (RRP: RM12.90)

ID.AZ Facial Sheet Mask Review

Packaging: The hydrating mask has been very common in the beauty market, but it’s like the #1 need in our daily beauty routine. Let’s start from looking at the blue gem packaging. According to ID.AZ, this mask is able to treat sensitive skin that had been stressed by internal & external environmental factors. It strongly mentions that it’s Soft and good fitting onto the face.

Opening Ceremony: When I open this blue gem, it actually got me surprised with the amount of the watery-essence soaked. It’s overflowing & I had to actually squeeze a little in the packaging to ensure it doesn’t simply drip around the area. Something that I like this mask is that it comes with a thin Gauge film to hold the mask. Smart move from ID.AZ because thin Gauge film absorbs lesser essence out from the masks compared to the full-piece plastic film.

ID.AZ Facial Sheet Mask Review

Usage: Application for this mask seems to be hard with the dripping essence, but let’s keep it this way to actually use the extra essence for our limb! Besides, because it’s really soaked, it doesn’t dry out even after application for 20 minutes. I could even continue to reuse the masks onto my neck or calves. Also, with the excess essence, I even kept it in a bottle to act as my moisturizer to the dry limb area.

Result: I’m glowing I’m hydrated, but the result was only best for 2 days – without me practicing good skincare routine (only Facial Wash and Toner).  I believe that maybe hydrating and water content based products are meant to be used daily to have the best result. Hence, this is best for an instant hydrating boost before I head out for any think makeup session and events to attend. Still, I actually appreciate the mask for not drying out easily, so I can have it for my neck!

Bright-Fit Mask (RRP: RM12.90)

ID.AZ Facial Sheet Mask Review

Packaging: Brightening Mask is always been like the second requirement for me. Talking about coincidence, it actually colored itself as silver too. ID.AZ talks a lot about to shine bright like a pearl and it promotes fast recovery for the face.

Opening Ceremony: I was not expecting the essence was milky white. The essence texture was thick but it’s well-packed with lots of essences, causing it a pretty mess while application. The bright-fit mask also uses the thin gauze film to keep its shape.

ID.AZ Facial Sheet Mask Review

Usage: The essence actually dripped into my eyes and it wasn’t a good experience. Despite that, the thickness of the mask is actually very promising, the microfibre sheet mask absorbs a lot more volume of the essence than the Hydrating ones, and this explains why it overflow and dripped into my eyes!

Result: ID.AZ walks the talk! I tried the Bright Fit mask at midnight at 3 am as I was wakened up by my nightmare. Without good sleep for that night, My skin condition was still guaranteed with brighter and lesser oil shine for 3 days –  without me practicing good skincare routine (only Facial Wash and Toner).  Thinking that with my bad skincare and sleeping routine, the result was still good. Imagine, isn’t it amazing if we use this weekly?

Golden-Fit Mask (RRP: RM19.90)

ID.AZ Facial Sheet Mask Review

Packaging: The comparison is already shocking! The size of the mask is bigger than the 2-other range of masks. ID.AZ has this sheet mask as the Luxury Gold HydraGel (I call it the Jelly Mask). With Real Gold and Honey, it takes care of the exhausted skin that lost the vitality. I felt this mask suit best for anti-aging seekers out there!

Opening Ceremony: The Gold-Fit masks smells like Fruit Jelly. The smell was so sweet and juicy. Since the mindset of “anti-aging” could relate maturity, but the sweet scent got me like “oh this is so young-people friendly to be aging products”. Also, it uses a transparent Plastic film to secure the shape of the mask.

ID.AZ Facial Sheet Mask Review

Usage: I really loved the sweet fruity-like-scent! It was very sticky for me. Well for a first-time user, it actually got me wondering which side is the real side with the essence-filled side. So after few tries, if your mask would fall off from your skin, it’s the wrong side. The jelly mask does not absorb much essence, hence no essence drippin’ for this round. With so, the application was so much easier than the previous 2 masks. The bad side was it actually can be easily torn to pieces with fingernails or while taking it out from the packaging.

Result: 10-minutes mask gave me an Instant glow as usual, but the stickiness of the essence got me washing it off after the pampering session. As said, the mask is best for vitality, hence the result will not be as instant as the hydrating-booster mask (Water-fit)  and the pearl-glow mask (Bright-fit)!

Where to Purchase?

According to my research, ID.AZ is actually easy to be found! Watson and Hermo currently have it. Plus. when it’s sales season, you will definitely get your spending worth on these masks! I had included the normal price for the masks above and if you ever see any sales in Watson, please try the Jelly Gold-Fit mask for once because it’s quite rare to have such mask in the market. Or, you can consider the best result Bright Fit mask!


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