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Review | Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect & Hydro Paint

Nippon Paint has been one of the biggest brands for household paint. It is so commonly known among us Malaysian to get our paint supply. Also, Nippon Paint is putting their game strong with more special effect paint for indoors & Paint that can withstand outdoor weather condition! Let me show you what I did and the result of my masterpiece!

Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint – Brish Ocean

Imagine the sun is shining down towards the sea, the sparkle, the shine. This is Brish Ocean. The Momento Paint is made to has this reflective and shining finish after painting. The paint texture is very thick, so the colours will show out vibrantly. Nippon Paint is generous enough to provide us the brush specially made for Momento Paint. Its short but it enables uses to control it easier for the painting session. The method to paint is to draw a small “x” motion onto the wall. Only with this method, the shining glittery part will be obvious. 

Personal Feedback

This is the most tiring painting Job I ever done, because the paint is thick and it requires the Cross “x” method to paint this big piece of wall. I think we took nearly 4 hours to complete this wall. And it’s like the middle part only. We spaced the bottom part empty for other paint. 

Momento Brish Ocean Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint Hydro Water & Wood Paint

Introducing the Hydro Water & Wood Paint, the Paint that can resist heat and water for outdoors! Malaysia weather is always hot and humid, sometimes rain. Which make it nice to have this Hydro Paint that is suitable for outdoors. However, my Bathroom cabinet needed upgrades onto it’s waterproof power. I chose this beige colour paint for my bathroom cabinet. Due to many dark spots on the cabinet, I had to paint a layer of primer before putting the Beige colour. The Beige finishing is more glossy, so make sure to be very careful with your painting skills. Not too thick not too thin – must be consistent. 

Personal Feedback

I think I really love the outcome of this Cabinet. It’s glossy and looks so much cleaner compared to have it matte. It also makes my bathroom brighter! This cabinet has been following me since I was 7, and I was 23 when I was painting this cabinet. We got to maintain this cabinet for good!

Nippon Paint Hydro Wood

Nippon Paint HeadQuarters Malaysia

Thank you Nippon Paint for organizing such activities for us to learn and get to play around with all these paint before we do it at home! I believe that many of us aren’t aware that we can do professional painting work with Nippon Paints! I can tell you that the paint in Nippon is just Amazing as there are so many varieties! We get to try the paints for Wood, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles, normal concrete walls & Lastly Metal! 

Nippon Paint HQ Malaysia
Nippon Paint HQ Malaysia

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